As an agency of creative writers, we’ve spent years exploring the many ways we can put our skills to work for our clients. As writers, we’re able to produce and edit anything from blog posts to magazine articles to the content for an interactive museum exhibit. As marketers, we understand how content can generate new business and growth for any company. As teachers, we’re experienced in helping people from all walks of life to improve their written communication skills.

Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, if storytelling is a part of it, Metonymy Media would like to help. Tell us about your goals and we’ll tell you how we can be of service.

Writing Services

Producing content that keeps readers reading.

Our team of creative writers have experience with writing and editing content in a wide variety of mediums for an even wider variety of industries. Every piece of content we produce is touched by no less than three experts, from writer to editor to our Creative Director, who closely watches for consistency and accuracy in both content and in voice and style. Click here to learn more about our Writing Services and download our whitepaper, The Writers’ Guide to Managing Writers.

We provide copywriting services and copyediting services for any purpose, including:

Content Marketing Services

Filling your sales funnel with leads.

For any content marketing effort to be successful, there’s a lot more to consider than the writing of the content itself. We’ve spent years immersed in the ever-changing world of digital and inbound marketing, and we understand exactly how to map your real-world sales and outreach funnels to content marketing campaigns that engage and convert your target audiences right where they are. Click here to learn more about our Content Marketing services and to download our whitepaper, Just Write Great Content.

From beginning to end of any content marketing campaign, we do it all, including:

Writing Workshops

Developing the skills of any writer.

Our writers sharpened their skills in writing workshops throughout their educational careers. Equal parts theory and practice, we’ve developed a whole slate of educational writing workshops. Our group learning environment gives writers of any skill level the opportunity to improve their writing through engaging presentations and plenty of hands-on application. Let us bring our writers to you and share our experience with your group. Click here to learn more about how our writing workshops can help any team communicate better.

The following courses are currently available on-demand:

New Update for Summer 2017: The best writers don't tell, they show. Download the latest volume of Metonymy Media's Collection of Writings, featuring both professional and creative writing samples from every member of our writing team, and see some of our best work for yourself.