Writing Workshops

In the writing world, continuing education is crucial. Hire our team of creative writers and college professors to sharpen your team's communication skills.

Every brand is made up of many individual voices. Whether your team includes sales professionals, marketing experts, or neither of those two, their collective written communication skills can mean the difference between a clear message and a murky mess. With college degrees in writing and teaching experience at the college level, the creative writers at Metonymy Media understand how to train professionals of all skill levels to write more confidently and more effectively.

We offer a slate of public writing courses, plus lunch and learns and even customizable private coaching services to help any writer of any level improve their skills. Come to us for training in basic writing and grammar, for improved internal communications, or even for help in writing effective marketing content on your blog, social media accounts, and website.

The following courses are currently available on-demand (at your location or ours):

Grammar & Style Crash Course

Business Writing Workshop

Email Writing Workshop

Blog Writing Workshop

Website Writing Workshop

Social Media Writing Workshop

Browse this page for some case studies, relevant blog posts, and (at the bottom) a free download of the Metonymy Media Desk Reference to help you write with more confidence starting immediately.

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