Content Marketing Services

Now more than ever, effective content is key to digital marketing success. Let our expert writers help you reach your goals.

Your website should be more than a brochure. With a solid grasp of your target audience and a smart approach to content strategy, the creative writers at Metonymy Media can help you turn your entire digital presence into an intelligent sales and marketing tool. Our experienced team understands how to package your brand’s unique story into key pieces of content that help lead your audience from stranger to interested prospect to enthusiastic customer.

On this page, you’ll find some case studies detailing our past successes with clients in a variety of industries. You’ll read some of our own content exploring the theory and practice of effective content marketing, and you’ll find a free download of our whitepaper, Just Write Great Content, detailing the undeniable impact engaging content can have on your marketing efforts.

From beginning to end of any content marketing campaign, we do it all. Creative writers, telling your story, helping you grow. That’s Metonymy Media.

Case Studies

For years now, some so-called marketing gurus have embraced one slick mantra for digital marketing: "Just write great content." We gave this approach a whirl, and it turns out that writing great content isn't all there is to a robust content marketing strategy, but it's absolutely the most important part. Download our case study to learn how we increased Average Time on Page numbers by up to 18 times the industry average, and how you can use analytics to learn what sort of content your audience wants.