me·​ton·​y·​my mə-ˈtä-nə-mē
a figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated

In literature, metonymy is a device that calls something not by its name, but by something it's associated with. Grapes instead of Bacchus. Suits instead of businesspeople. At Metonymy Media, we know that today's brands need exceptional content to stand out—and that means associating with exceptional storytellers.

We’ve built our company on the skills and perspectives of creative writers turned professional content marketers. As creatives, we’re uniquely positioned to write in voices that aren’t our own, about subjects we haven’t yet explored, and with the skill to drive readers to understand, feel, and value exactly what our clients intend. As marketers, we embrace the science behind the craft to execute content marketing strategies that inspire, empower, and generate growth. Our clients, then, gain an entire team of empowered and supported creative writers to help them create consistent, genuine, and effective content.

Importantly, it is our philosophy that writers are most successful when working closely with other writers on a team. In such an environment, writers support one another, they sharpen against each other, and they produce stronger, more consistent, and more prolific work. For this reason, we do not hire freelance writers or contract our work out to the lowest bidder. When you work with Metonymy Media, you gain a dedicated team of storytellers with the skills to transform your marketing team into a world-class publisher. Your content becomes one more incredible thing your customers will associate with your already memorable brand.

Creative writers telling your story, helping you grow. That’s Metonymy Media.


We’ve focused on building our creative team exclusively out of writers with an abiding passion for storytelling. Our writers are authors, they’re teachers, and above all else they’re experienced content professionals. By mirroring the group model of advanced creative writing degree programs, we’ve cultivated a professional environment that encourages continued skill development, collaboration, and accountability in creative work.

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