How to Scale SEO Agency Growth with External Writers

The ultimate goal of any marketing agency is to scale and maintain steady growth. This is undoubtedly true for SEO agencies, and the potential for new client work has never been greater. However, when you’re out about town, pitching new clients and signing new contracts, you want to be certain that you’re able to deliver on promises for customer work. A solid plan for handling creative demand—especially content writing—can mean the difference between a bottleneck and explosive growth.

Let’s take a look at exactly how an SEO agency can scale its business by using external writers.

How Writing Influences Your Ability To Scale

As your SEO agency grows, so does the sheer amount of work, labor, and effort that goes into client work. Managing writers to keep up with content demand is a different beast all its own. Even when it’s done for business purposes, writing is an artform, plain and simple. Having strong writers to call upon—whether internal or external—means great, SEO-rich, and engaging content that your clients will be proud to display on their website. It also frees you from hand-holding and expending energy managing their work instead of focusing on creating blueprints for growing your business. In general, dependable writers give your SEO agency the ability to complete more projects and do great work.

Importance of Planning for Growth

Scaling an SEO agency takes careful consideration and foresight. It’s about more than signing new clients, it’s ensuring you’re set up to handle a boom in project work and ensure you remain financially sound throughout the process. Growth comes in both short-term spurts and long-term flows, and your writing team needs to be able to handle the ebbs and flows that comes with a growing client portfolio.

One big component of this planning process is identifying the pieces you need to add to your team while scaling, as well as linking those to the financial resources it takes to afford them. Case in point: it may make sense to bring in a freelance writer or two to break through a momentary backup in stalled projects, but what happens when your content demands begin to expand more quickly than freelancer bandwidth can handle? There’s also the time commitment it takes to sourcing freelance writers, as well as the tremendous amount of turnover that comes by freelancer trade.

If you choose to go in the other direction, onboarding new hires for your internal staff, you’ll hopefully get consistent work and long-term relationships. However, it adds a tremendous amount of upfront costs and spend to your overhead.

Consider, then, the often-overlooked third option: a partner with the bandwidth and proven process you need to fill both long-term and short-term gaps in content creation.

Choosing the Right External Writing Partner for Your Growing SEO Agency

Teaming up with a skilled and experienced content writing agency means two things: 1) A contracted partner that doesn’t have to send your overhead through the roof, and 2) A commitment to quality content that you would get from inside your own team. However, just as you spend time planning out your own growth, the same effort needs to go in choosing the right agency for you. But how can you be sure you’re not making a misstep or selecting a squad that will in any way inhibit or bottleneck your growth as an SEO agency?

First off, you need a partner that has as an SEO writing services process as robust as your offerings. Great keyword research and technical work don’t mean a whole lot if the writers using them are being clumsy or careless. This means asking questions about how a potential writing vendor works, their approach to feedback and editing, and their confidence in utilizing the assets provided by your SEO groundwork. This means they have a mature approach to content, and you’ll avoid having to teach them the same thing or run interference for unhappy clients.

But additionally important is knowing you can trust an external writing partner. The agency business can sometimes be feast or famine, and you need to be sure that the folks you bring under your wing aren’t going to end up poaching your treasured clients or locking you into overhead you don’t want.

Growing your SEO agency is what you do best. So why not partner with an agency that makes writing what they do best? At Metonymy Media, our team of expert creative writers turned content marketing pros are ready to help you handle increased client work and make sure that projects don’t wind up stalled at the finish line. Contact us today to learn more.




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