The Mad Scientist: Offering Tools With Premium Content

Part of our Hero's Journey Mentor Series designed to help marketers make their customers the heroes of their brand storytelling.

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For our dedicated readers following the Hero’s Journey Mentor Series, there’s been plenty of lessons to chew on. The other sidekicks have focused on different ways to inspire or educate readers. While all of those factors are vital in the Hero’s Journey, the Mad Scientist gives the everlasting gift and final piece of the customer’s puzzle in the form of premium content.The objective of every Mad Scientist is to empower their readers and these resources provide aspiring heroes the ability to wield their power and solve their own problems. 

The Mad Scientist’s Premium Content Lab

When Peter Parker first discovers his powers, he’s not entirely sure how to use them. Sure, he’s able to sling webs, jump between buildings, and beat up pesky bullies in his school’s lunchroom. But it’s not until Tony Stark dreams up and designs hi-tech Spidey Suits complete with tools and an AI assistant that Parker can truly become the Spider-Man we all know and love. 

In the same way, the premium content you offer your customers helps them utilize the knowledge and guidance you’ve provided throughout their journey. These tools exist at the bottom of the content marketing funnel, meaning these readers have already gone through all the training provided in the top and middle funnel areas. These are the individuals who are most committed to overcoming their challenges and using the resources you can offer them to do it. Once they have this McGuffin in their hands, it’s time for them to start kicking some serious tail. But what should this premium content look like, and how can you make it as useful as possible?

Examples of Premium Content and How It Works

Pieces of premium content are an important part of any content strategy. These are the resources that often push customers over the finish line and convince them to buy from you. These are more in-depth than blogs or case studies and therefore take longer for readers to fully digest. More often than not, premium content is offered as a downloadable resource for folks to take with them. Some examples include:

Whatever shape it takes, premium content should always exist behind a gated lead generation form that allows you to capture the reader’s contact information. This ensures follow-up and further interactions that can drive toward a sale. 

When it comes to actually writing the premium content, the focus should remain on giving demonstrable value to the reader. Because of the added length, these pieces ought to delve deep into a more niche area of your business. The content also needs to include actionable steps and takeaways that can further the customer’s efforts. This might mean some sort of comparable pricing guide, a step-by-step checklist for creating something great, or a webinar that gives ideas on how to maximize their workflow. Regardless of what the topic is, the best premium content is the kind that a reader can download, read, and put into practice right away.

How Premium Content Acts as the Ultimate Hero’s Tool

When someone decides to download your premium content, they’re generally showing real interest in your offerings or services. This is likely a product of your smartly designed content strategy, which used different types of content to move readers down the funnel. You’ve used blogs to increase understanding of the customer’s problem, as well as to demonstrate solutions to that issue. Your email and social campaigns have improved your brand awareness and kept your name at the top of their mind. Now it’s time for the premium content to offer them immediately helpful tools. 

It’s important to remember that these pieces need real and measurable value. They connect the lessons learned in previous interactions and build off of the messaging and voice already established in your campaign. Even though these whitepapers or e-books are much denser than any other blogs or posts, they should still play off the content you’ve already published. This might mean that your premium content informs your blogs, or vice versa. Luke Skywalker gets both the Force and the Lightsaber from Obi Wan, but he can’t use one without the other.

When premium content works best, your readers will be easily converted from interested individuals into bonafide believers. They’ll be able to solve their own problems and fully understand why partnering up with you is their only hope. Be sure to take the time in your Mad Scientist lab to build tools that they can use in their own journey.

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