Meet The Wise Teacher!

Part of our Hero's Journey Mentor Series designed to help marketers make their customers the heroes of their brand storytelling.

In any content marketing story, your customer is the hero. They see problems and seek solutions, leaping tall obstacles to get the work done. But behind every hero stands a mentor, someone who provides them with the tools, training, and inspiration to defeat foes – or in this case, accomplish whatever task lies before them. Just like your customer, the story of a mentor is different and their approach to guiding a young Padawan will take its own, unique path. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to introduce five exciting hero mentor archetypes that you can not only emulate, but become to help turn your customers into true heroes. The first one up? The Wise Teacher.

The Wise Teacher’s Origin

In any movie or story that details the hero’s journey, you’ve almost certainly come across the Wise Teacher. This is the seasoned vet who takes wannabe heroes under his or her wing and not only shows them the ropes but inspires them to make a change in the world. For the purpose of our tale, put yourself in the place of Obi-Wan Kenobi. You are steeped in the ways of the Jedi, and know the pain that Luke feels after his uncle and aunt are murdered by Stormtroopers. You begin teaching Luke, nudging and motivating him through various trials and training sequences. When it finally comes time for Luke to save the Rebel Alliance, he uses the gift of the Force that you have given him. He becomes the hero of his story, all thanks to your efforts.

The Wise Teacher’s Approach to Content Marketing

Wise Teachers seek to build a content marketing strategy that provides their audience with the right information at the right time to nudge them forward in their own hero’s journey. It’s not just about your company’s offerings through branded products or services; the customer has a problem they don’t know exactly how to solve. The task of a Wise Teacher is to educate and assist them wherever they may be on a spectrum. A mentor needs to help these future heroes:

Notice that only the last step involves offering the services of the mentor’s brand. This is because a wise content marketing strategy doesn’t act as a digital salesperson, pushing products right off the gate. To act as a Wise Teacher, you need content that serves the needs of a reader, regardless of where they are in their own story. A hero finds their mentor through a variety of ways, whether it’s organic search, social media, or paid advertising. The content you feature needs to meet your audience at whatever point they’re at on their own journey.

The Wise Teacher also knows the value of his or her extensive knowledge. The content they create or curate isn’t a simple marketing tool; rather, it is THE tool the hero needs at the moment of truth. It’s the Force for Luke as he flies through the Dark Star trench; it’s the Green Lantern’s ring when he needs to regenerate his suit; it’s Spider-Man’s web slingers he uses to fly through New York City. It speaks with confidence, but doesn’t come off as arrogant, still allowing the young superhero to grow and learn on their own. Along with self-assurance, the tone should be nurturing. As a Wise Teacher, the marketing materials you create should speak to the customers on a personal level and demonstrate a real care. Someone with newfound powers isn’t going to be inspired if they feel like their instructor doesn’t care about their needs or life.

In a nutshell, a Wise Teacher seeks to build a comprehensive marketing strategy with three key components:

So, how can you be sure you’re the Wise Teacher of your customer’s story? Well, patient reader, you’ll just have to check our next issue where we show you how to go from a Master of Obi-None to a Master of Obi-Wan. 

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