Marketers: Become The Mentor Your Brand’s Heroes Need!

Part of our Hero's Journey Mentor Series designed to help marketers make their customers the heroes of their brand storytelling.

It’s no secret by now that you, dear marketer, are not the hero of the stories your brand tells. In each piece of marketing content you publish, you’re telling the story of your ideal customer, that hero who faces a challenge and needs guidance to overcome it. We spend a lot of time at Metonymy Media thinking about the hero’s journey and how perfectly it maps to any brand’s content marketing strategies—if done right.

As it just so happens, dear marketer, you are the hero of the story we’re telling right now. But in a bit of delightful dramatic irony, we know that the journey you’re on right now is one of the hero’s mentor. You’re working as hard as you can to give your ideal customers the right information and tools at the right time so they’ll win the day with your help and join you in a business alliance for good.

We’re pulling from pop culture to introduce you to five hero mentors you can emulate in your work as a marketer. With the help of The Wise Teacher, The Role Model, The Sidekick, The Mad Scientist, and The Anti-Hero, you’ll discover creative new ways to improve every component of your brand’s content marketing machine and tell compelling stories that connect and convert.

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Issue #1: Learn how The Wise Teacher constructs compelling content campaigns.

Issue #2: Learn how The Role Model shows value in marketing content.

Issue #3: Learn how The Sidekick uses social and email content to build strong relationships.

Issue #4: Learn how The Mad Scientist gives readers practical content they can use.

Issue #5: Learn how The Anti-Hero speaks hard truths while reviewing the effectiveness of marketing content.

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