What’s Happening: September WordLab with Natty

Since 2012, we’ve been hosting an event called Indy WordLab. The idea is simple: each month, we host a different working writer. This writer shares a bit of their own work, then leads the group in an “experiment” of some kind. We came up with this group as a sort of response to the other writing groups that dominated the scene in Indy at the time—the same people, bringing the same manuscripts, reading the same passages, rejecting the same feedback week in and week out.

This month, our own Natty Morrison is leading the event with a reading and a prompt related to juxtaposition—how two contrasting forces can be put to work creating valuable tension in a piece of writing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a poet or an essayist. If you write song lyrics or blog posts. If you’ve got 10 novels published or only yesterday decided you might want to try this writing thing out. We invite you to come, try some new things with your craft, and meet other writers looking to grow.

Here’s a link to the event in Meetup. RSVP and find more info there.

September’s Indy WordLab event will be held at the Metonymy Media office on September 10 at 7:00 pm.