What To Expect When You’re Interning at Metonymy Media

Finding an internship that matches to what you learn as an English major is difficult. But, Metonymy Media’s internship is an excellent fit if you’re wanting to explore the marketing world and put creative strategies to use. I began interning with Metonymy back in October, and it has officially come to an end. It’s a bittersweet door to close, but I have gained experience and knowledge from this talented staff of writers and I wanted to provide a list of what to expect when you’re interning here.

Writing with other Writers.

“We’ve built our company on the foundation of the skills gained through creative writing education.” One of the foundations of Metonymy Media is to use creative writing techniques like voice and creating a story. That’s why they hire absolutely amazing writers for their staff. It’s probably one of the best aspects of this internship since you’ll be cranking out piece after piece, and consistently receive constructive feedback from other writers. 

TV Quotes and Pop Culture Talk.

This group is definitely comprised of writers who appreciate other creative works – maybe even worship. I can’t even express this in a judgmental way, because I’m no exception to this. (I nerd-out, hard). If you just read your new favorite book, or love to binge watch the following shows and movies, you’ll always have a topic to talk about:

Different Hats.

In your role as an intern you’ll get experience across the board. You might love some work more than others, but you’ll certainly try it all out. If you have the chance to sit in on the weekly staff meetings, I recommend it. The more of the “Content Marketing World” you can get into, the better. Between blog writing, social media managing, transcribing, and all of the fun events that involve writers (especially WordLab) – you’ll practice many techniques and get a feel for what you like to do and are best at.

Yes, Dishes.

In the job description, it does say that you’ll be helping around the office. Most of this is comprised of doing dishes, but that would happen usually about once a week for me. You may also help set up for an event or even just clean off the conference table for a meeting. It’s super easy work and I would use it to take a break from a pieces that I needed space from.

(Pro tip: If you have a decent amount of dishes, you can set your phone up on the towel-holder and watch Netflix while you wash)!


Experience points are not hard to come by with this internship – and it’s certainly a huge reason you sought an internship out. You’ll get so much under your feet in the marketing field and your experience will also show in your writing. As I said earlier, you’ll be wearing different hats by writing blogs, managing social media accounts, and more. You won’t be doing these things once or twice and you’ll write much more than you would during a semester in school. This means you’ll be able to get a ton of practice and learn from the suggestions of the other writers. This was hands-down, one of the best “perks” of this internship.

This internship is a great experience for any writer wanting to dive deeper into content marketing with a team of experienced writers from all different backgrounds. This is a wonderful start to develop connections and skills that will set up for success in your next step.