Content Marketing Quiz: Which James Bond Are You?

Over the decades, each actor to slip into James Bond’s tuxedo has brought something different to the role. Where Sean Connery was cold and lethal, Roger Moore seemed ready to bust out into laughter. Where Pierce Brosnan brought an air of suave sophistication, Daniel Craig has preferred to play 007 as an arrogant and broken spy.

In the game of content marketing espionage, the very same can be said for every agent who takes on the job. As a digital marketer, copywriter, or content strategist, you’ve got your own style and approach to gathering intelligence and delivering powerful content strikes. Take our quiz to find out which James Bond—Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, or Craig—best matches your character.

Which of these best describes your role as a content marketer?

You get to use one spy tool to make your job as a content marketer easier. What do you choose?

What’s the most important aspect of content marketing?

Pick your favorite 007 movie from this list.

What is your ultimate goal as a content marketer?

Which of these is your most-used content marketing tool (or, you know, most similar to your most-used tool)?

What do you believe is the future of content marketing?

Agent, you have been selected for one of marketing's most important secret missions: content espionage. On your assignment, you'll be expected to gather intelligence about your target audiences, employ shadow tactics to deliver content at strategic points, and conduct your work in absolute secrecy. Download the Metonymy Media Bureau of Content Marketing's field manual for procedures in reconnaissance, mind control, spy networks, and more for maximum marketing impact. This lead generation form will self-destruct upon completion.