[TOP SECRET] Mission Briefing: Content Espionage – OCM1052

Hello, agent. I’m writing to you today because you have been selected for field work as a content spy. As you well know, the mission of any content marketing operative is to collect sensitive information about key targets, to utilize internal intelligence in the production of key marketing communications, and to ensure the targeted delivery of those communications to the right targets at the right time.

Some content marketing specialists choose to operate out in the open. They publish blog posts with annoying sales language. They promote Facebook posts full of self-promotional industry jargon. Amateurs. Might as well put up a big, flashing neon sign that says, “Hey! I’m writing this stuff because I want to trick you into buying something!” People see this sort of nonsense coming from miles away.

But that’s not your style, is it, agent? Ours, neither. Here at the Metonymy Media Bureau of Content Marketing, we prefer to operate in the dark. We’ve produced a field guide to help you in the art of subtle content espionage, and we’re prepared to send it to you now. Fill out the form below with your chosen email address, and we’ll send you our in-depth dossier on your mission, including tactics for the following:

With these strategies at your disposal, you’ll be equipped to produce and deliver content that’s more likely to resonate with your target audiences and move the needle for your marketing efforts. Good luck, agent.

Agent: Enter your contact information to receive your field manual. This lead generation form will self-destruct upon completion.