The Bigger Picture: How External Content Writers Can Help Brands Produce a Variety of Content

external content writers use pen and paper

If you’re on a marketing team, maybe you’ve had one of those topic brainstorming meetings where everyone sits staring into space, chewing on a pen, willing their brains to manifest one single topic you haven’t already written on in the last weeks or months. Desperate, you turn to Google, only to see that all your competitors’ marketing teams must also be in the same situation as the same tired topics pop up again and again. If this is you, you’re not alone; in fact, 51% of B2B marketers say they struggle to produce a variety of content to appeal to different audiences on different topics in different ways.

It’s a tough problem, but there is an answer: fresh perspective. Yes, you can put out a query to the entire company to see what ideas they might have for content, and maybe you should. But you can also ask external content writers. These professionals bring experience in a variety of industries to bear and can help identify and execute unique and new content opportunities for a brand. Here’s why, if writer’s block is hindering your marketing efforts, you should consider hiring an outside writing agency.

External Content Writers Use What Works for Other Industries

Whether a writing agency is working with a small business, a non-profit, or a Fortune 500 company, they’ve come to help those companies tell a story about their services or products. This means that when those writers hear your brand’s story, they’re thinking about all the ways they’ve helped others tell stories in the past. Questions like how to reach an audience more organically or the best workflow to produce a certain type of content might be easier for external writers to answer because they’re not working from the same set of traditions as the marketing team. Instead, an agency of external content writers will be focused on your goals for the content, and they’ll know the best practices to get there, from formatting to topic generation to interviewing and beyond.

External Content Writers Have an Exponential Skill Pool

Right now, who does your marketing writing? Is it one dedicated person on your internal team, or do you rely on your subject matter experts to do the writing? Maybe everyone pulls together to get the task done. However, unless the content is being produced by someone who is a skilled enough marketing writer to keep the perspective of the audience the primary concern, there’s no guarantee it’s actually achieving the goals you’ve set. Indeed, it could seem like a masterful piece of content to the internal team, only to go out into the world and bore everyone on the Internet to death. Wouldn’t it be far more effective to let the writers do the writing, let the subject matter experts share their knowledge, and let the marketers figure out how to turn it all into business momentum? Engaging with external writers to produce your marketing content radically expands the range of experience at your team’s disposal. Your internal writer now has a group of similarly skilled experts to support them. If you don’t have a dedicated writer, this also offers the opportunity to compare your current content to something written by others. All too often, “good enough” and “good” can become conflated in busy departments. What you have now might be adequate, but you could take simple steps to simultaneously reduce the workload, make the content better on a sentence-by-sentence level, and gain support in developing innovative ideas for future content.

External Content Writers Bring it All Together

Okay, so all this is not to say that everything you’ve ever written has been terrible—far from it. In fact, many companies today have done a great job of creating content-rich sales funnels on their websites, ones that nurture potential customers for the long-term and keep loyal clients engaged. In those cases, an external team can support visioning for what comes next. Once a writer knows your key messaging, their outside, high-level perspective helps them see case studies where the team is fixated on blog posts, or vice versa. Plus, the questions a writer asks in conversation with subject matter experts often lead down unexplored areas or reveal nuances of the industry that are revelations for future content topics.

Whether you’ve already got a Pulitzer winner on staff, or decide who is writing the blog that week by drawing straws, an external writing team can bring strategic value to your brand and its web presence. Storytelling is not a solitary act, and we all know stories usually get better and more polished the more times you tell them. When an external team of writers uses creative perspective and web expertise to support a marketing team’s brand narrative efforts, a practically effective and exciting strategy is sure to emerge.

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