Introducing Natty Morrison

We’ve been enjoying some steady growth at Metonymy lately, both in terms of our client work and our team. Today, we’re excited to finally welcome our newest writer, Natty Morrison. As a Content Manager, Natty is here to tell our clients’ stories and write effective content. But enough from us. Here he is to introduce himself.

Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there, mostly because you’re sitting in a completely different room than me, and that’s how sight works. At any rate, I am beyond thrilled to introduce myself as Metonymy Media’s newest Content Manager. Though the past few weeks have been a bit of a blur, I can honestly say that it’s been the happiest three weeks of my professional life.

To be perfectly honest, I did not think I’d be lucky enough to get this job. The job posting was read off to me by a friend during a round of late-night drinks at the Brass Ring, where we had mostly been commiserating about our inability to find a position that met our creative needs. He had already started interviewing at other jobs, but thought the Metonymy opening would pique my interest. It may be the most right my friend has ever been, second only to when he convinced me to order meatball sliders like 15 minutes later.

I graduated from Purdue in 2012, armed with a bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing. Ready to pen my way through the world, I cycled between some basic freelance jobs, as well as a varied list of other writing adjacent jobs, but none of them captured the image of a collaborative and free-spirited team that I had pictured while studying. In fact, I had recently all but given up hope I would ever find the right fit.  But after scanning the Metonymy job listing, I knew this was the perfect place for me. When I got the call I had been chosen for the position of content manager at Metonymy, I was so excited that I cried, laughed, and then took a long nap. I probably ate a sandwich somewhere in there as well. It was a whirlwind of emotions, as they say.

From a personal standpoint, I rarely can imagine any factoids about me are going to be too interesting. But, for posterity, I’ll tell you that I’m passionate about music and making things. I love noise and drum machines and punk rock and synthesizers. I’ve been in a variety of failed bands over the year, generally playing guitar, and am currently singing/ranting in a punk band called VV Torso, which is remarkably not failing (at the time of print, anyway). I am always hunting for the best possible joke in any given situation – although most of my friends would deny that I’ve ever “found it. Or come remotely close in any way.” But most of all, I just want to radiate positivity and love to the people who make me feel at home. And while it’s only been a couple weeks, I think I’ve found a home at Metonymy. Also, does anyone know what the WiFi password is here? I wrote this entirely on a flip phone and it’s costing me literally hundreds of dollars.

  • Thomas Morrison

    finding humor in any situation is a positive attitude some find disconcerting, but better to rise than fall. Good luck!