Introducing Elysia Smith

We’re super excited to welcome our newest Content Manager, Elysia Smith. She’s around to write effective content for our clients and help them reach their audiences, and in her capacity as The Green Room Liaison, she’ll be leading the charge in developing new community programming, rentals, and partnership opportunities in our new classroom space. Let’s let her introduce herself!

Hello readers. As a new team member at Metonymy I’ve been hard at work demonstrating both how I fit into this team and how I stand out. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with such a charismatic and kind group of people. Integrating into this environment has been two parts silly and one part trial by fire but anyone who knows me gets that I learn quickest on my feet, with my hands in everything. However, I’ve already started to piece out where I’m a square peg here and I’m loving it.

First, I’m deeply invested in astrology and that usually shakes more straightlaced people up a bit–to be fair, the team at Metonymy are definitely kooks and I’m fitting in just fine. But, I was able to guess two out of three astrological signs correctly. (I already knew Ryan’s because of his recent birthday.) This skill seemed like something my coworkers didn’t expect but certainly enjoyed.

Second, I’m foul-mouthed. Of course, in professional settings, I reign it in. But, I’m pretty excited to get my expletive on and show the team just what kind of wordsmith I secretly am.

Lastly, as I loosen up, I think Metonymy’s team will realize just how much they hired me for sheer entertainment value. Whether it’s doing a handstand to demonstrate a point, telling a Shakespeare level dirty joke, or just plain old hyperbolizing, I look forward to getting these guys laughing.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about me, I keep a blog to document life in general as well as the process of publishing my first book of poetry, UNRULY. There you’ll find my secret detective fiction, playlists correlated with the poems in my book, updates on my personal life, and inappropriate poetry–as most of my poetry is want to be.