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*That is to say, Metonymy Media is an agency of creative writers offering comprehensive copywriting and editing services, effective content marketing strategies, and educational writing workshops to businesses and organizations with a story to tell.

sales and marketing alignment

The Alchemy of B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment

How to Align Sales and Marketing to Turn Readers into Gold

Chasing sales and marketing alignment is like being an ancient alchemist, waiting for the stars to sync up so you can turn a lead into gold. Sales and marketing departments exist independently, with their own… Read MoreRead More

external content writers use pen and paper

The Bigger Picture: How External Content Writers Can Help Brands Produce a Variety of Content

If you’re on a marketing team, maybe you’ve had one of those topic brainstorming meetings where everyone sits staring into space, chewing on a pen, willing their brains to manifest one single topic you haven’t… Read MoreRead More

On Business Lobster

A Reflection on Six Years of The Little Things

Today, dear friends, Metonymy Media turns six years old. Writing that sentence alone has my jaw pulling back and shivers running down my spine. It’s overwhelming not because I have some obsession with the number… Read MoreRead More

Art and Community: ft. Robert Negron of Indy Convergence

My work at Metonymy running The Green Room has had me on a mission to find like-minded peers to share resources with and support. After attending The Resist Indy Art Show at Indy Convergence in… Read MoreRead More