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Why Audience Context Matters

“Context, context everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” – Old Pirate Song, I think Whenever we write a piece of content, it’s done so with the idea of someone reading it. The reader might… Read MoreRead More

Why A Good Understanding of Shared Values is Important in Content Marketing

Showing Shared Values to a Marketing Audience One mistake that B2B marketers make when trying to relate to their audience on the level of shared values, is just shouting out the values they hold. Marketers… Read MoreRead More

Emotional Resonance in Marketing: Why Your Writing Should Make People Feel Good and Not Feel Bad

All content writing – from the biggest whitepaper to the smallest social media post – is about appealing to an audience’s emotion. When copy comes across as bland and emotionless, readers perceive it as being… Read MoreRead More

How to Blog Like Shakespeare

CEO Ryan Brock featured on Blog Herald

Hey folks, we are so excited to announce that our very own Founder, CEO, and all-around writing nerd Ryan Brock has been published on Blog Herald. In this article, Ryan breaks down writing tips learned… Read MoreRead More