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*That is to say, Metonymy Media is an agency of creative writers offering comprehensive copywriting and editing services, effective content marketing strategies, and educational writing workshops to businesses and organizations with a story to tell.

Short Content That Engages Readers

For the moment, I have your attention. For the moment. However you’ve stumbled upon this blog, I as the content writer have lucked into an audience. My precious words are finally ringing out in the… Read MoreRead More

Is THIS Thought Leadership?

In content marketing, thought leadership is an important type of content to include near the top and middle of your marketing funnel. These pieces are intended to help the audience get to know your brand… Read MoreRead More

Structuring and Interlinking Your Content Campaigns

People ask me all the time if blogging works. This is a blog you’re reading, after all, so surely it must work if I’m taking the time to write it for you. But what does… Read MoreRead More

The Proto-Blog: Blogging Best Practices

Here it is! You found it! The blog that began all blogs. Well…maybe not the first blog. This blog is the one that unpacks all other blogs. Shows you how they work. This is like… Read MoreRead More