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*That is to say, Metonymy Media is an agency of creative writers offering comprehensive copywriting and editing services, effective content marketing strategies, and educational writing workshops to businesses and organizations with a story to tell.

Mountain Goats and Metaphors Intersect in “Tallahassee”

There are many great storytellers in the music world. Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan pop into my mind almost immediately. But one artist, in my opinion, rises above the rest. He has the… Read MoreRead More

Twin Peaks: Storytelling in Three Parts

When Twin Peaks first premiered on April 8th of 1990, audiences were simultaneously fascinated and befuddled. Ostensibly, this was a crime drama about the murder of Laura Palmer, a young average American teen with dark… Read MoreRead More

Journalism vs Creative Nonfiction vs Content Marketing

Drawing the lines, blurring the lines.

One of the things a lot of people looking in from the outside of our company wonder is how a group of writers calling themselves creatives could stand to spend precious talent writing Fluff like… Read MoreRead More