Writing Workshops

In the writing world, continuing education is crucial. Hire our team of creative writers and college professors to sharpen your team's communication skills.

Every brand is made up of many individual voices. Whether your team includes sales professionals, marketing experts, or neither of those two, their collective written communication skills can mean the difference between a clear message and a murky mess. With college degrees in writing and teaching experience at the college level, the creative writers at Metonymy Media understand how to train professionals of all skill levels to write more confidently and more effectively.

We offer a slate of public writing courses, plus lunch and learns and even customizable private coaching services to help any writer of any level improve their skills. Come to us for training in basic writing and grammar, for improved internal communications, or even for help in writing effective marketing content on your blog, social media accounts, and website.

The following courses are currently available on-demand (at your location or ours):

Grammar & Style Crash Course

Business Writing Workshop

Email Writing Workshop

Blog Writing Workshop

Website Writing Workshop

Social Media Writing Workshop

Browse this page for some case studies, relevant blog posts, and (at the bottom) a free download of the Metonymy Media Desk Reference to help you write with more confidence starting immediately.

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Case Studies

Two-EE’s Winery

You have to let the grapes speak for themselves.

Two-EE’s Winery is perched on a hillside in Huntington, Indiana. Their wines are unique, and their standards exacting. Winemaker Eric Harris runs a clean operation, opting to produce arcane varietals of wine not commonly seen on grocery store shelves. In that way, he’s bringing something new to the conversation in Indiana wine, and he says it’s all about letting the grapes speak for themselves. Oh, and they have wine slushies. Delicious, sweet wine slushies.

To that end, Two-EE’s Winery engaged us in a Wordsmith Workshop. Their ongoing marketing efforts have been incredibly successful, and they’ve built a name for themselves in the region. With our help, they were able to focus their messaging and get a feel for what opportunities they have moving forward to communicate their unique brand­­–and the stories of their grapes–to the world. It’s all about the grapes, people. It’s all about the grapes.

Vision 3

Bringing training, and a few characters, to life.

Vision 3 is a creative design agency based in Indianapolis. They have a sharp mind for the convergence of technology and creative to help convey a message, whether that message be the offerings of a company, the spirit of fun in a game, or vital training to a business’s internal team.

We first collaborated with Vision 3 in 2015 as one part of a large roundtable of agencies and companies brought together for a single project. The challenge? Take some customer service training for our client, a national brand in the insurance market, and bring it to life in a fully-immersive experience. Envisioned much like a high-tech museum installation, the experience amounted to four interactive stations, combining original video content, touch screen games, and complex simulations.

The entire experience hinged on the development and writing of scripts for video content, believable characters and scenarios for simulations and tests, and the overriding logic driving those experiences. That is where we came in. Our team of creative writers served as the writing staff for the project, collaborating closely with Vision 3 and other partners to draft hundreds of pages of original content that aligned with the learning goals of the client and served as the backbone of the experience.

Of all the creative applications of our team’s writing chops, this project stands out as one of the most intense and the most rewarding. It’s always incredible to see our work flow together with that of other talented creatives to produce something of significant value to our clients that is greater than the sum of its parts.

NT Supply

Creating a compelling cast of characters.

National Trade Supply Company is one of the best groups of people we’ve ever met in this or any other business. Based in Greenwood, Indiana, NT Supply is an ecommerce company, selling air and water filters at a discount. They also manufacture their own, branded filters. Perhaps more importantly, though, they’re a bunch of people who are great at what they do, and are always up for a good time.

Between 2014 and 2015, we helped NT Supply structure and execute their blogging strategy as they prepared their marketing department to take content writing in-house. Starting with a Wordsmith Workshop, we created several author personas for their blog, which was a unique and fun expression of the process. Using those characters as a guide, we were able to create an ongoing editorial calendar for the brand that would appeal to their large and varied audience, approaching filters from several perspectives, including cost, function, health, and environmental friendliness.

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