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Now more than ever, effective content is key to digital marketing success. Let our expert writers help you reach your goals.

Your website should be more than a brochure. With a solid grasp of your target audience and a smart approach to content strategy, the creative writers at Metonymy Media can help you turn your entire digital presence into an intelligent sales and marketing tool. Our experienced team understands how to package your brand’s unique story into key pieces of content that help lead your audience from stranger to interested prospect to enthusiastic customer.

On this page, you’ll find some case studies detailing our past successes with clients in a variety of industries. You’ll read some of our own content exploring the theory and practice of effective content marketing, and you’ll find a free download of our whitepaper, Just Write Great Content, detailing the undeniable impact engaging content can have on your marketing efforts.

From beginning to end of any content marketing campaign, we do it all. Creative writers, telling your story, helping you grow. That’s Metonymy Media.

Case Studies

Two-EE’s Winery

You have to let the grapes speak for themselves.

Two-EE’s Winery is perched on a hillside in Huntington, Indiana. Their wines are unique, and their standards exacting. Winemaker Eric Harris runs a clean operation, opting to produce arcane varietals of wine not commonly seen on grocery store shelves. In that way, he’s bringing something new to the conversation in Indiana wine, and he says it’s all about letting the grapes speak for themselves. Oh, and they have wine slushies. Delicious, sweet wine slushies.

To that end, Two-EE’s Winery engaged us in a Wordsmith Workshop. Their ongoing marketing efforts have been incredibly successful, and they’ve built a name for themselves in the region. With our help, they were able to focus their messaging and get a feel for what opportunities they have moving forward to communicate their unique brand­­–and the stories of their grapes–to the world. It’s all about the grapes, people. It’s all about the grapes.

The Plex

Playing it forward.

The Plex is a series of indoor sports complexes located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They were founded by soccer lovers with a passion for the sport, and have since expanded to offer fun and competitive flag football, softball, and soccer programs for all ages.

We’ve had an absolute blast working with the entire team at The Plex, helping them give some focus to their marketing communications efforts. We kicked it all off with a Wordsmith Workshop to help them give words to the amazing culture of fun, health, and personal growth they’ve cultivated over the last two decades. From there, we developed a strategic plan outlining their many communications opportunities, and have been working steadily to help them with their web content, blog, social media promotions and community building, advertising sales collateral, press releases, and communications for their clubs and teams.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Keeping students, alums, and business leaders engaged.

Alpha Kappa Psi is a national fraternity that boasts an impressive list of members – both men and women – who have made serious waves in the business world. Founded in 1904, AKPsi provides students around the country with valuable networking and educational opportunities to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

We’ve been working with AKPsi since September 2012, and have established a strong and collaborative working relationship with their team. Each month, we consult with the group to come up with relevant article topics based on the group’s calendar and the needs of its members. Thanks to super-cool analytics data from Google and LinkedIn (one of their most effective channels for communication since, you know, they’re a business fraternity), we’re even able to learn which articles resonate best with AKPsi’s audience and continually focus our attention on content that’s fun to write and, even better, fun to read.

Recently, we’ve been able to broaden our engagement to help them produce a comprehensive eBook on the etiquette and best practices of networking. We’re excited to see that one finished up and out in the wild!

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