Case Studies

Vision 3

Bringing training, and a few characters, to life.

Vision 3 is a creative design agency based in Indianapolis. They have a sharp mind for the convergence of technology and creative to help convey a message, whether that message be the offerings of a company, the spirit of fun in a game, or vital training to a business’s internal team.

We first collaborated with Vision 3 in 2015 as one part of a large roundtable of agencies and companies brought together for a single project. The challenge? Take some customer service training for our client, a national brand in the insurance market, and bring it to life in a fully-immersive experience. Envisioned much like a high-tech museum installation, the experience amounted to four interactive stations, combining original video content, touch screen games, and complex simulations.

The entire experience hinged on the development and writing of scripts for video content, believable characters and scenarios for simulations and tests, and the overriding logic driving those experiences. That is where we came in. Our team of creative writers served as the writing staff for the project, collaborating closely with Vision 3 and other partners to draft hundreds of pages of original content that aligned with the learning goals of the client and served as the backbone of the experience.

Of all the creative applications of our team’s writing chops, this project stands out as one of the most intense and the most rewarding. It’s always incredible to see our work flow together with that of other talented creatives to produce something of significant value to our clients that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Telling our own story.

Podio is without a doubt the absolute best project management tool we’ve ever seen. That’s actually an understatement. It’s a LEGO set of a platform, giving users the ability to manage and track just about any aspect of their business they’d like. We use it for project management, intranet, and CRM purposes. So basically everything. We even built a web app on it once, but that’s a story for another time.

Now, Podio is based in Copenhagen, so it was very cool when their Director of Marketing, Michael Dean, dropped us a line. We met years ago when Podio used Metonymy Media as a case study for Podio, and we kept the conversation going until the company decided to hire us for a small blogging engagement. We documented some of our own challenges as a small creative agency for Podio’s blog. That was the extent of it, but it was fun and just about the closest we’ve come to being star-struck through our work, so we had to include the project here.

Bass Pro Shops 1Source

Writing, even when we'd rather be fishing.

Bass Pro Shops OneSource is a resource site maintained by field experts in hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. Serving as the retail brand’s blog, 1Source keeps Bass Pro Shops’ customers in the know on industry trends and sets them up for success in the field.

Through a partner relationship, we leveraged the considerable outdoors experience on our staff and provided in-depth blog articles and research for a number of cool infographics. Our blogging for the brand largely dealt with fishing (even more specifically in this case, fly fishing in Montana, among a few other general topics), and also served as a great springboard for future projects with other clients in the world of deer hunting, outdoors survival, and fishing technology.

NT Supply

Creating a compelling cast of characters.

National Trade Supply Company is one of the best groups of people we’ve ever met in this or any other business. Based in Greenwood, Indiana, NT Supply is an ecommerce company, selling air and water filters at a discount. They also manufacture their own, branded filters. Perhaps more importantly, though, they’re a bunch of people who are great at what they do, and are always up for a good time.

Between 2014 and 2015, we helped NT Supply structure and execute their blogging strategy as they prepared their marketing department to take content writing in-house. Starting with a Wordsmith Workshop, we created several author personas for their blog, which was a unique and fun expression of the process. Using those characters as a guide, we were able to create an ongoing editorial calendar for the brand that would appeal to their large and varied audience, approaching filters from several perspectives, including cost, function, health, and environmental friendliness.

The Plex

Playing it forward.

The Plex is a series of indoor sports complexes located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They were founded by soccer lovers with a passion for the sport, and have since expanded to offer fun and competitive flag football, softball, and soccer programs for all ages.

We’ve had an absolute blast working with the entire team at The Plex, helping them give some focus to their marketing communications efforts. We kicked it all off with a Wordsmith Workshop to help them give words to the amazing culture of fun, health, and personal growth they’ve cultivated over the last two decades. From there, we developed a strategic plan outlining their many communications opportunities, and have been working steadily to help them with their web content, blog, social media promotions and community building, advertising sales collateral, press releases, and communications for their clubs and teams.

Ex. Ex. Midwest

Exploring the food culture of the Midwest, documenting what we find.

Ex. Ex. Midwest is a quarterly print magazine focusing on the food culture of the American Midwest. This project is unique among the rest in our portfolio, as Metonymy Media is a founding partner and part owner of the venture.

After working closely with CODO Design and the Neal Brown Hospitality Group on a number of creative projects, we all decided to team up to produce a magazine to shine a light on the exciting, unique, and strange culinary world in the Midwest. Each party playing to its strengths–CODO serving as the design team, Chef Neal Brown handling all things culinary, and Metonymy Media acting as the editorial staff­­­­­–we’ve turned a small idea for a digital publication into a paper-and-ink, feel-it-in-your-hands magazine. Now working on our second and third issues, we’re building momentum and, from an editorial standpoint, learning a lot about the differences between digital and print communications, the unique challenges and opportunities this style of writing presents, and what it takes to tell a compelling story rooted in place and in culinary tradition.

The University of Indianapolis

Capturing a campuswide conversation.

A significant number of Metonymy Media’s writers are alums of UIndy, so it was a significant honor and source of validation when the school’s marketing department approached us for some assistance with their web copy. They had recently redesigned their entire website, but needed some extra assistance in the overwhelming task of transitioning departmental websites to the new design with content that matched the overarching marketing goals of the new site. From 2012 into 2014, we worked with departments in the School of Arts and Sciences to help them make the jump efficiently and with content that appeals to prospective students and parents alike.

The next step in our relationship with the university came when President Robert Manuel himself reached out for help in telling the story of Vision 2030, his groundbreaking initiative to gather up students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader Indianapolis community to collectively paint a picture of the state of the school in 2030, when the students of 2012 were ready for their first days of class on campus.

Finally, we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with the Admissions staff, contributing cover stories to several editions of Inside UIndy, the school’s Admissions magazine geared towards prospective students considering UIndy as their choice for higher education.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Keeping students, alums, and business leaders engaged.

Alpha Kappa Psi is a national fraternity that boasts an impressive list of members – both men and women – who have made serious waves in the business world. Founded in 1904, AKPsi provides students around the country with valuable networking and educational opportunities to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

We’ve been working with AKPsi since September 2012, and have established a strong and collaborative working relationship with their team. Each month, we consult with the group to come up with relevant article topics based on the group’s calendar and the needs of its members. Thanks to super-cool analytics data from Google and LinkedIn (one of their most effective channels for communication since, you know, they’re a business fraternity), we’re even able to learn which articles resonate best with AKPsi’s audience and continually focus our attention on content that’s fun to write and, even better, fun to read.

Recently, we’ve been able to broaden our engagement to help them produce a comprehensive eBook on the etiquette and best practices of networking. We’re excited to see that one finished up and out in the wild!

Dig IN

Representing the best that Indiana food, beer, and wine have to offer.

Dig IN is one of the premier food festivals in the United States, right here in Indiana. It’s a celebration not only of local restaurants, but of the local farmers and producers that supply foods to those restaurants, and the local breweries and wineries that make the state’s food culture incredible. Farmers pair with chefs to highlight specific ingredients in bite-size morsels that fill you up faster than you’d imagine.

We worked with Dig IN early on in their existence, when they were still raising awareness about the event and not always selling the event out. In order to help drive pre-sale tickets, we created a series of 15 articles for them, highlighting 2012’s farmers and producers, chefs, breweries, wineries, and artisans. Our articles garnered buzz not only about those specific people, but about their respective industries and why they’re important to Indiana’s culinary world.