Case Studies

NT Supply

Creating a compelling cast of characters.

National Trade Supply Company is one of the best groups of people we’ve ever met in this or any other business. Based in Greenwood, Indiana, NT Supply is an ecommerce company, selling air and water filters at a discount. They also manufacture their own, branded filters. Perhaps more importantly, though, they’re a bunch of people who are great at what they do, and are always up for a good time.

Between 2014 and 2015, we helped NT Supply structure and execute their blogging strategy as they prepared their marketing department to take content writing in-house. Starting with a Wordsmith Workshop, we created several author personas for their blog, which was a unique and fun expression of the process. Using those characters as a guide, we were able to create an ongoing editorial calendar for the brand that would appeal to their large and varied audience, approaching filters from several perspectives, including cost, function, health, and environmental friendliness.

The Plex

Playing it forward.

The Plex is a series of indoor sports complexes located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They were founded by soccer lovers with a passion for the sport, and have since expanded to offer fun and competitive flag football, softball, and soccer programs for all ages.

We’ve had an absolute blast working with the entire team at The Plex, helping them give some focus to their marketing communications efforts. We kicked it all off with a Wordsmith Workshop to help them give words to the amazing culture of fun, health, and personal growth they’ve cultivated over the last two decades. From there, we developed a strategic plan outlining their many communications opportunities, and have been working steadily to help them with their web content, blog, social media promotions and community building, advertising sales collateral, press releases, and communications for their clubs and teams.

Two-EE’s Winery

You have to let the grapes speak for themselves.

Two-EE’s Winery is perched on a hillside in Huntington, Indiana. Their wines are unique, and their standards exacting. Winemaker Eric Harris runs a clean operation, opting to produce arcane varietals of wine not commonly seen on grocery store shelves. In that way, he’s bringing something new to the conversation in Indiana wine, and he says it’s all about letting the grapes speak for themselves. Oh, and they have wine slushies. Delicious, sweet wine slushies.

To that end, Two-EE’s Winery engaged us in a Wordsmith Workshop. Their ongoing marketing efforts have been incredibly successful, and they’ve built a name for themselves in the region. With our help, they were able to focus their messaging and get a feel for what opportunities they have moving forward to communicate their unique brand­­–and the stories of their grapes–to the world. It’s all about the grapes, people. It’s all about the grapes.

Ex. Ex. Midwest

Exploring the food culture of the Midwest, documenting what we find.

Ex. Ex. Midwest is a quarterly print magazine focusing on the food culture of the American Midwest. This project is unique among the rest in our portfolio, as Metonymy Media is a founding partner and part owner of the venture.

After working closely with CODO Design and the Neal Brown Hospitality Group on a number of creative projects, we all decided to team up to produce a magazine to shine a light on the exciting, unique, and strange culinary world in the Midwest. Each party playing to its strengths–CODO serving as the design team, Chef Neal Brown handling all things culinary, and Metonymy Media acting as the editorial staff­­­­­–we’ve turned a small idea for a digital publication into a paper-and-ink, feel-it-in-your-hands magazine. Now working on our second and third issues, we’re building momentum and, from an editorial standpoint, learning a lot about the differences between digital and print communications, the unique challenges and opportunities this style of writing presents, and what it takes to tell a compelling story rooted in place and in culinary tradition.

The Libertine

Let the liquor do the talking.

The Libertine is a cocktail bar and restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. Esquire named it one of the best bars in America, and Neal Brown, the owner, is a James Beard Award nominated chef.

Shortly after our work on Pizzology’s ideology statement (that’s another of Neal’s restaurants), Neal and his design partners, CODO Design, tapped us to write copy for The Libertine’s website. Projects like these let us capture so many of our personal passions with the writing we do so well. We sat at the bar, sampled the food, and watched the bartenders labor over the drinks, measuring, mixing, shaking, and garnishing.

We built a sitemap for the site to communicate the sheer uniqueness of the place and its many creative cocktails. Once we were finished, we had some of our favorite copy yet, describing in a few brief words the allure of spirits like mescal, pisco, and bourbon, and toasting the spirit of the writers, the artists, thespians and rogues.