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*That is to say, Metonymy Media is an agency of creative writers offering comprehensive copywriting and editing services, effective content marketing strategies, and educational writing workshops to businesses and organizations with a story to tell.

Job Posting: Content Manager

June 2017: We're looking for a creative writer with chops to riff with us.

Metonymy Media is looking for a passionate creative writer with a mind for strategic storytelling to join our team as a Content Manager. This is a full-time, salaried position with medical benefits. For this position,… Read More

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The Epic Myth of Writers’ Block

You know what I’m about to say. You might hate me for it but a fact is a fact: writers’ block is a big fat lie. Sure, we all feel the ebb and flow of… Read MoreRead More

Writing for SEO: Dumb Robots, Smart Robots, and Hungry Humans

When I was 13 years old, most of my days looked pretty similar. Got up, went to school. Same class schedule every day. Lunch at 10:20 am because apparently that’s something humans do sometimes. Off… Read MoreRead More

Breaking Down the Content Marketing Funnel, Part 1: Blogging for Visibility

In the years since I first started Metonymy Media, it’s been interesting to watch the digital marketing industry mature in ways that favor well-written, engaging content. As a writer, it’s given me an opportunity to… Read MoreRead More